London Business School


Vår avtale med London Business School innebærer at du som medlem av Econa får 5 prosent rabatt på LBS' excecutive program.


London Business School sin visjon er å ha inngående innflytelse på måten verden driver handel på. Skolen blir år etter år ranket blandt de beste i verden for sine programmer. Den ble ranket som nummer èn internasjonalt for sitt MBA program*. Innenfor forskning er skolen ranket blant topp ti i verden, og holder den høyeste gjennomsnittlige standarden av alle akademiske institusjoner i Storbritannia**.

Skolens lærerstab, fra over 30 land, er gruppert i syv fagområder: Regnskap, Samfunnsøkonomi, Finans, Ledelse, Markedsføring, Organisasjonsvitenskap og Strategi og Entreprenørskap. 

Econamedlemmer får rabatt på 5 % på LBS' Excecutive program. Under kan du lese mer om de tre programmene. For informasjon om påmelding og deltakelse, kontakt kurs- og kompetanseansvarlig i Econa, Gry Skjellevik. Du kan også lese mer om London Business School her.

* 2013 Forbes international MBA ranking, 2012 Bloomberg BusinessWeek international MBA ranking and Financial Times MBA 2009, 2010 and 2011 rankings

** Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2008

Leading Change

Putting change ideas into action

In today's dynamic environment, change management is a fundamental part of business. The Leading Change programme delivers a practical structure for implementing and embedding change throughout your organisation.

The programme draws upon the latest strategic thinking, current research findings and case studies into how companies from around the globe manage the process of change in ambiguous contexts.

Why choose the Leading Change programme?

This five-day programme ensures you make a real impact when you return to your organisation.  As well as world-class teaching, the programme helps you to resolve a specific business challenge within your own organisation. Working closely with faculty, tutors and your peer group, you develop highly practical solutions to your specific change challenge.

On this programme you:

  • Enhance your understanding of the change process
  • Learn the skills required to initiate, execute and embed change
  • Create a concrete action plan to bring about effective change

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for senior executives responsible for leading and implementing change initiatives within their organisation.

For further details, please visit the programs' website.

Developing Strategy for Value Creation

Discover and deliver breakthrough strategies

The Developing Strategy for Value Creation (DSVC) programme delivers the cutting-edge tools and frameworks you need to create sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation. The programme is based on a unique approach - getting the tools, breaking the rules and making a difference.

This approach is applied throughout the programme to address your critical business challenges.

Why choose this programme?

This five-day programme ensures you make a real impact when you return to your organisation.  As well as world-class teaching, the programme helps you to resolve a specific business challenge within your own organisation. By reflecting on lessons learnt and working closely with the Programme Director, you will gradually build an answer to your specific challenge during the programme.

You'll learn to:

  • employ a broad new strategy of tools and frameworks
  • compete effectively for existing value
  • develop new sources of value

Who is this programme for?

  • senior executives or general managers who want to gain experience in using strategic tools and frameworks
  • senior functional managers or those working within the strategy team of a large organisation

Crucially, you should have an element of responsibility for contributing to the future direction of your organisation and its strategic development.

For further details, please visit the programs' website.

Executing Strategy for Results

Survive and thrive in fast-changing markets

In an environment characterised by turbulence; shifting regulations, evolving technology, economic uncertainty, competitor movement and changing customer needs; executing strategy effectively is increasingly difficult.

Every strategy is a work in progress that is subject to revision in light of ongoing interactions between the organisation and its shifting environment. Executing Strategy for Results is a hands-on programme that provides managers with a practical framework for successfully executing strategy in today's fast changing world.

Why choose the programme?

Led by Professor Don Sull, the programme is based on more than a decade of research into how some of the world's most successful companies effectively implement their strategic plans.

Over five intensive days, you learn the latest tools and techniques to effectively execute strategy against a backdrop of market changeability. You learn how to: 

  • transform your strategy into action
  • inspire your team to effectively execute strategy
  • build an organisation-wide structure for implementing strategy
  • overcome the strategic challenges that arise in today's turbulent business climate

This unique programme connects theory with practice. Throughout the programme, you apply what you learn to your own organisation - translating academic insight into action. Multimedia presentations enliven discussions, while guest speakers bring a fresh perspective to the classroom. You leave the programme with a concrete structure to improve strategy execution upon your return to work.

Who is the programme for?

  • Senior professionals or executives who manage an entire company or business unit
  • People managing projects that cut across units
  • Managers involved in strategy execution and implementation in complex and fast-changing markets 

Please note that this programme has been specifically developed to meet the needs of professionals working within organisations and is therefore not suitable for consultants. 

For further details, please visit the programs' website.